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ANeT Ant Course (15th to 17th November 2023) 


ANeT Ant Course is a workshop that includes three modules:  

(1) Systematic ants sampling and biodiversity assessment,  

(2) Ants’ identification based on Borneo Ant Keys to Genus Level, and  

(3) Ants’ curation and deposition in BORNEENSIS collections.


It is a unique opportunity to acquire training with world class ants’ experts. Lectures and laboratory practice emphasise classification, identification of ant genera, collection techniques in tropical rainforests. Field excursion focused on teaching skills such as collecting and sampling, live colony capture and field experimentation techniques. Associated lab work focuses on specimen preparation, sorting, labelling and data deposition in BORNEENSIS ants’ collections. 


This course will provide students with an appreciation of the following: 

  • Diversity, Ecology and Behaviour of Borneo ants  

  • Field Sampling and Collecting techniques 

  • Use of Borneo ants’ identification keys 

  • Curating Ants into BORNEENSIS collection  

  • Widening your ASEAN ants’ networks 

Participant Acceptance Criteria: Open to all interested individuals (professionals, motivated amateurs, undergraduate, and graduate students). Priority is given to applicants current working on SE Asian ants or have invested interests in Borneo ants. Prior background in entomology is not required. ANet Ant Course is presented in English and is limited to 25 participants. 


Cost: Course fees are estimated at RM300. The fees cover excursions (1 day at Kawang Forest Reserve), food and local transportation from institute to Kawang Forest Reserve. Participants are expected to cover accommodation and transportation costs that are not included in the course (costs from hotel to institute, airport to hotel, airport to institute etc). 


2023 Instructors - to be announced 


Samples collected during ANet Ant Course 

  1. Samples collected during Ant Course are only for educational purposes 

  2. All samples must be deposited in the ITBC BORNEENSIS insect collection 

  3. The samples collected in ANet Ant Course cannot be used for publication purposes  

  4. Ant samples in any form (individuals, DNA, hydrocarbon extracts etc.) cannot be exported outside Sabah 


Important Notes on using samples from ANet Ant Course for Research Purposes 

If you wish to use the ant samples collected for research in or outside Sabah, individual researcher needs to apply for Access Permit (utilizing samples in Sabah) and Export Permit (export samples outside Sabah in any form). The procedure for permits application can be found here

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